Dear customer,

We understand how much your loved ones mean to you. They are a precious piece of your heart and soul. And what better way to show your love than through a fun and creative way? That's why we have created a gift set that combines the love of family and the joy of pizza!

With our Pizza Me Tee gift set, you can have some family fun and create memories that will last a lifetime. The set comes in a beautifully designed glossy coated pizza box, delivered straight to your doorstep.

Inside the box, you will find our super soft custom printed T-shirts for parents or grandparents, and individual slices T-shirts for your children. Each T-shirt represents the life you have created with your family, with a missing slice that signifies the number of children you have brought into the world. These T-shirts allow you to share your love and pride for your family in a unique and playful way.

The gift set also includes custom printed letterhead and envelope, which allow you to write heartfelt messages to your loved ones. You can use this special keepsake to commemorate your precious moments together, and express your gratitude and appreciation for their love and support.

Once you receive your gift set, you can take a family photo wearing your T-shirts and upload it to our website. We will print your family portrait on a beautiful 13 inch x 10 inch glossy aluminum metal frame, which can be proudly displayed on a table or hung on the wall.

We hope this gift set will bring joy and happiness to you and your loved ones, and help you create even more wonderful memories together. With Pizza Me Tee, you'll always be a pizza of each other, and that love will last a lifetime.

Thank you for choosing our product and entrusting us with your family's happiness.Please share this gift with other family members and friends.